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About Us


Wine Country Day Preschool is...

     WCD is a family-owned private preschool that has offered high-quality early childhood education in the Napa Valley since 1982.  We believe that children should be given the opportunity to experience learning in a relaxed, fun, nurturing and supportive environment that contributes to the development of the whole child: socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.  

      Our curriculum includes language development, science and nature, music and movement, arts and crafts, math and reading readiness.  The ongoing learning takes place through activities that challenge and encourage each child, promoting the belief in their unique capabilities and reinforcing self worth, thus contributing to the development of a healthy self-concept.


     WCD embraces the most current practices in Early Childhood Education and values whole child development: social, emotional, physical and cognitive.  Learning takes place through activities which encourage and challenge a child’s potential.  Our teachers are committed to providing a safe and loving environment in which children explore, discover, learn and play.


     WCD and its staff believe that children learn best in a supportive, loving, home-like environment where they are encouraged by caring adults who observe and learn beside them.  We believe that children should be given time, appropriate materials, and engage in meaningful interactions to develop intellectually and emotionally.

     Our teachers and staff are advocates for children who love and encourage them to develop academically and socially.  As they listen and learn with each child, they assess and guide the learning process and empower children to make sense of their world.


     WCD aspires to meet the needs of ALL children and families.  We provide care and developmental stimulation through play-based academic growth opportunities for young children.  It is our aim to work with each family to create the best possible environment for their child while in our program.  The staff focuses on the total and unique growth and development of each child.  We promote:


                                            Cognitive Development

                                                 Learning to solve problems and form concepts

                                                 Discovering and exploring the near environment

                                            Social-Emotional Development: 

                                                 Developing self-esteem and personal adjustment skills

                                                 Achieving self-confidence in relationships

                                                 Developing a sense of accomplishment in completing tasks

                                            Physical Development: 

                                                 Developing hand and body coordination

                                                 Learning physical skills

                                                 Learning good health habits

                                            Language Development:

                                                 Express wants and needs using words

                                                 Develop communication skills with adults and peers

                                            Creative Development: 

                                                 Expressing ideas through creative skills

                                                 Expressing self through creative media

                                                 Developing the ability to think and act in different and unique ways

We are currently accepting enrollment for the 2024-2025
School Year!
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